What Do the Colors of Your Website Say?

Did you know the colors of your website can encourage or discourage potential customers. Creating a color scheme for your website is one of the most important aspects of the design and business start-up process. You don’t want to pick your color scheme at random or base it on what looks good to you. Each color has a different meaning or emotion and can influence people in a particular way. Poor color selection can even impact your site’s overall usability negatively.

When it comes to creating a color scheme, businesses want to choose colors that are easily recognizable to the brand. It’s important to choose colors that are impactful to the audience and customer base. For example, a childcare website would include bright and exciting colors to communicate the message of “fun” to children. A Doctor’s office or corporate business may use blue, white or gray.

What Do the Colors Mean?

Red: This color shows a range of emotions, from anger, energy, strength, passion to urgency.
Orange: You may find this color to be cheerful, but it can also be used as a notification
or caution color.
Yellow: This color is similar to orange; cheerful and cautionary color. This color should
be used in moderation on websites.
Green: When looking for a color that communicates wealth and growth, green is the
go-to color. The easiest color for the eyes to process.
Blue: Blue creates the sensation of trust and security; often seen with businesses and banks.
Purple: This color is used to calm and soothe; often seen in beauty or anti-aging products. Brown: This color shows earth, home friendships, outdoors, simplicity.

Other colors include black and white, which are both clean and sleek colors.
When choosing the colors of your business, be sure they complement each other. Avoid too many bold options as it can make a website too busy. Adding black, gray or white is another option when in need of additional colors.

Website User Accessibility

How accessible is your website for those with disabilities? The increase of employment, government, education, healthcare, business and entertainment services online make accessible website design a critical issue. It also determines whether disabled users have equal access to the services you offer.

Improving accessibility on your website provides you with benefits as well. Your potential audience immediately expands. There are plenty of ways to make your website more accessible, aspects such as layouts, colors and fonts need to be eligible for all users. Here are a few simple, practical tips to implement when creating a disability-friendly site.

A Few Highlights for Your Website:

  • Add alt tags to important images on your website. Provide a short description of what the image contains. If the alt tag is longer than 30 words, a description is a better option.
  • Colors of links must stand out against the text and the background of the website. Additionally, a cursor change on hover can indicate the link is active.
  • Headers and footers should be consistent throughout the entire website.
  • Images should not be of text! Instead, apply CSS styling to text that needs to stand out against the page.
  • All videos should contain closed captions for those hearing impaired.
  • Refreshing must be initiated by the user, do not time/automate page refreshing.
  • Avoid using pop-ups which may confuse users, as the page will suddenly change.
  • Add a “To Top” / “To Bottom” link to the header and footer.
  • Contact form errors should be highlighted and payment information should be confirmed prior to submission.
  • Add a search feature to your homepage. If you add the feature to interior pages, be sure the search is located in the same place on all pages.
  • Add a full sitemap to your website and link to this page in the footer.

Adding accessibility to your website will allow you to provide all information to all users. Easily navigated pages with consistent colors and layout will ensure your page or blog can easily be used by everyone.

Pensacola SEO Services

Looking for search engine optimization services near Pensacola, FL?

Advanced Digital can help you increase your business’s online visibility. We have an in-house SEO team dedicated to helping our clients generate website traffic and leads through search engine optimization. Our expert team works with dozens of pleased clients from several diverse industries to help them reach local users conducting relevant searches for businesses like yours.

Why is SEO important?

Having one website among thousands in the Pensacola area, and making sure people visit yours, can seem pretty daunting:
• How can potential customers in and around Pensacola, FL find you through all that’s out there?
• How can you make your website stand out from other Gulf Coast businesses and organizations in particular?
• What can you do to meet the needs of potential customers coming to your website?

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will review your website content and analyze inbound and outbound links to determine your business or organization’s credibility. To maximize credibility with Google and other major search engines, Advanced Digital uses SEO best practices to help you refine your website content for search engines, generate more user searches, and develop appropriate success indicators. Contact our team today!

How to Handle with Negative or Fake Reviews

If you get a negative review don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s not just you. You’ll never be able to please every one and not every person is going to like your service or product. That’s right. Whether your business is large or small, everyone is going to experience negative reviews in their business’ lifetime.

It is also important to realize that not all reviews will provide feedback that can benefit your business. Looking too deep into issues could end up harming your business or product.

Instead, start looking for repeated complaints or themes. Look for words like “disappointed” in negative online reviews. This will imply that customers may have had a higher expectation (that could not be met) of your product or service. After receiving a negative review, determine which aspect of your product or service needs improvement, brainstorm with your employees/business owners to come up with a solution to improve or fix the issue.

Did You Know: Yelp reviews will highlight words that are mentioned by multiple customers! Remember, the most important thing is not to take negative feedback personally! It’s just another way for your business to evolve.

Fake Reviews

According to Brightlocal, 97% of consumers has looked online for a local business in the last year, and 85% of those consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. In 2017, 79% of consumers read fake reviews about a business but only 89% of them realized they were fake.

So which platforms do consumers trust the most for reviews?

Facebook and Yelp, followed by Google and Better Business Bureau. You may find customers will leave more reviews on Google than on Facebook, or vise versa. Better Business Bureau acts as a mediator and will help customers solve complaints with a business.

Respond Quickly

It’s important to act quickly once a negative review is published. If a problem does exist, you’ll want to fix it promptly. If possible try to open lines of communication with the unsatisfied customer, while it’s still fresh in their head and possibly willing to change their review. It is important to mention calling or stopping by your office to help solve the problem in person, instead of through email. Additionally, this will show other potential customers that your customer service is a priority. (Note: if the resolution of the issue went well, ask if they mind updating their review about the experience.)

Managing your Reviews

Handling your online reviews, whether they’re positive or negative is extremely important. Respond to complaints in a professional manner. Providing positive reviews with a response, “Thank you! It was a pleasure working with you!” or “We hope to see you again soon!” shows potential consumers you’re interested in your customer’s feedback and care about their experience with your business.

Read through all the reviews people post online and don’t let frustration and anger take over. If needed, apologize and explain that you are sorry for their experience and explain how this is unusual within your business. Maybe consider offering a discount or special deal the next time they visit your storefront or purchase your services.

Have you experienced negative reviews? Tell us how you handled them in the comments below. If you’re in need of a search engine optimization company that can handle your local listings and review management, look no further than Advanced Digital.

Client Testimonial: EISTrading

We recently completed a project with EIS Trading. This is what they had to say about their experience with the Advanced Digital team.

We would personally like to send our appreciation to the founder and CEO and the lead programmer/team manager for their professionalism and credibility. Our company came to Advanced Digital, Inc after being 60 days behind schedule from another company for the construction of our website, in which we were losing a significant profit.

Upon our first meeting, we proposed a deadline of two weeks to complete the website from scratch. Advanced Digital, Inc was not only able to complete our website five days early, but also did so at a rate that was far more competitive than our previous developer. This alone was impressive, and we are grateful for the recognition of our urgency. Most importantly, communication was never an issue. During the process of construction, there was never a moment in which [the founder/CEO] did not answer his phone for assistance or return our call within a couple hours. Additionally, we were given frequent updates from [the team], never once feeling uninformed.

Upon completion of the website, we were given detailed training on how to use our website as well as digital copies of any important information. Advanced Digital promptly finished any last minute changes we wanted to make after testing, ensuring that we were fully satisfied with our product.

Ultimately, we felt that Advanced Digital was honest, fair priced, and went far above and beyond our expectations to ensure satisfaction of our needs. We would not hesitate to recommend Advanced Digital, Inc and we give them Five Stars.

We value our customers and want them to have a positive customer service experience with our team. We thank the EIS Trading team for taking the time to leave such a positive review!

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