Why Do You Need an Online Presence in 2021?

2020 proved to be a challenging year for businesses across the country. Many employees moved from in-office to working remotely. Businesses ran on offering skeletal services. Restaurants closed their seating and offered to-go orders only. However, having an online presence allowed businesses to keep their customers informed on new business hours, health protocols and offered access to their services. So what do you need to know about having an online presence in the upcoming year?

  • Open 24/7: That’s right! Your business is open 24/7 without having to be in your brick-and-mortar store. The night owls and office employees are able to access everything about your business and services at their convenience. This is a major benefit for businesses selling products as the inventory is available online and allows you to make money in your sleep!
  • Competitors Have Websites: As potential customers decide on a product or service they’re looking for, the research begins! You may be missing out on potential customers and revenue if you don’t have a website available.
  • Websites are Expected: 6 out of 10 customers will look online at your business prior to stepping foot inside the door. Testimonials, services and contact information may be viewed to steer them towards your business instead of a competitor.
  • You Control the Story: Online testimonials are a great way to bring in customers, along with a biography on your business’ story; who owns the company, what is their mission, who are they trying to reach? For example, independent coffee shops tell their story of a family-owned shop, a mission of a friendly community and environment and the origins of their coffee beans. This can bring people away from the large corporations and towards the independent coffee shop.
  • Showcase Your Services and Products: Do you have a best selling product or a special offer that will bring people running into your store? A website will allow you to showcase all of this and MORE!

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Pensacola SEO Services

Looking for search engine optimization services near Pensacola, FL?

Advanced Digital can help you increase your business’s online visibility. We have an in-house SEO team dedicated to helping our clients generate website traffic and leads through search engine optimization. Our expert team works with dozens of pleased clients from several diverse industries to help them reach local users conducting relevant searches for businesses like yours.

Why is SEO important?

Having one website among thousands in the Pensacola area, and making sure people visit yours, can seem pretty daunting:
• How can potential customers in and around Pensacola, FL find you through all that’s out there?
• How can you make your website stand out from other Gulf Coast businesses and organizations in particular?
• What can you do to meet the needs of potential customers coming to your website?

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will review your website content and analyze inbound and outbound links to determine your business or organization’s credibility. To maximize credibility with Google and other major search engines, Advanced Digital uses SEO best practices to help you refine your website content for search engines, generate more user searches, and develop appropriate success indicators. Contact our team today!

March Social Media Calendar Download

Our FREE social media calendar for March is here!

Have you struggled with finding the right theme or topic for your social media platforms? Or needed something posted at the last-minute due to meetings, deadlines, or something else? Our social media calendar for March will help you with this! We’ve included topics for every business day of the month and have included hashtags, videos, photos and much more.

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By using Facebook’s scheduled postings and programs such as TweetDeck, your month of brand new content should take a load off of your plate. Follow us on socials (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and let us know how you like this calendar![/emaillocker]

Tips on Website Maintenance

Maintaining your website is an important aspect of your business’ online presence. A website that is outdated can result in not only loss of conversions and website traffic and but also a decrease in organic search result rankings. Below we have some tips for your website maintenance to always keep in mind.

Website Maintenance Tips

  • Choose a content management system (CMS). Our content management system of choice is WordPress, which allows us to easily update website’s pages and blog posts while managing galleries.
  • Be consistent in keeping your CMS up to date. Ensure you’re consistently updated with the newest versions. By using WordPress, you’re notified when a new version is released and you’re able to update with just a few clicks!
  • Keep plugins up to date & remove any plugins that aren’t in use as outdated plugins can increase the possibility of hacking. It is important to ensure the versions of plugins are compatible with your version of the content management system.
  • Browse your website as a customer. Utilize an incognito window, completely logged out of your CMS and peruse your pages as if you were a potential customer. Is it easy to navigate? Any broken links? Look for things that you look for when on other websites.
  • Update content frequently. Not only does this aid in the organic search engine ranking, it also gives customers – potential and existing – new things to view on your website. Tip: A great way to build fresh content is with the use of a blog. Post weekly tips, client testimonials or the latest news on your industry.
  • Verify your website in Google’s Webmaster Tools. Webmaster Tools will give you an insight on broken pages, your site speed, keywords users are searching and more. This tool is vital to your website and you don’t want to miss out of information.
  • As mentioned in the previous point, utilize Google Page Speed to monitor your website’s page speed and identify ways to make your site faster and more mobile-friendly. Including optimizing images, rearranging the files your website loads first, etc.
  • Ensure your tokens for any social media plugins you are using are active. Periodically you may be logged out which would result in empty sections on your website. Tip: Adding share buttons on your website
  • Don’t be afraid to refresh the look. New photos, new products. As times change, your website should be able to keep up. Do you have new testimonials you can add, or updated photos of new products? If customers have new things they can look forward to every time they visit your website, it shows that you care about your brand and your services.
Maintaining your website is sometimes a task put onto the back burner. It is important to keep your content management system and plugins up to date, monitor your website’s health and create fresh content. For assistance with maintaining your website, give us a call today.