What To Expect From Your Web Designer

Responsive Web Design | posted on June 9, 2016

Web design is a hard road to navigate, especially when you don’t have a map to help you out. No doubt, all of us have heard at least one horror story of a self-proclaimed web designer skirting by with templates, failing to keep in touch with clients, and even taking the money and running. It’s hard to know whether the web designer being hired for the job will deliver the professionalism, quality, and promptness expected of them. Luckily, here at Advanced Digital, our job is helping you wade through all of the headache to bring you the crucial skills every respectable web designer should possess, and our team demonstrates daily.

When looking to hire a web designer, one of the first things to ask for is to see a couple sample websites that said designer has worked on previously. This provides the opportunity to see the kind of quality they are capable of while simultaneously testing their response time by observing how quickly―or slowly―they deliver the sample websites.

A web designer’s top priority should be how to optimize your website to appear in top results for search engines (SEO). After all, what good is a website if it doesn’t boost foot traffic to your business? Knowing buzzwords like “SEO,” what they mean, and why they are important will help to separate the genuinely good web designers from the ones who are trying to swindle you.

When it comes to web design―like most things―you get exactly what you pay for. This sentiment is important to recognize for all that its worth, because accepting this fact will save a lot of disappointment in the long run. If a client can only afford one hundred dollars of web design or SEO, great, any little bit counts and will only help bring in more business. But that work will only be worth one hundred dollars; don’t expect a drastic change. However, if a client is willing to funnel one thousand dollars of web design and SEO into their website, a drastic change should be expected―in one form or another. Maybe it’s a new logo design, or a new menu lay out, but something should be noticeably different.

Of course here at Advanced Digital, our team encompasses all of these qualities and more. Our goal is to never leave you in the dark about what’s happening to your website, we aim to be prompt and deliver the best quality possible to our clients.

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