What Makes an Effective Adwords Landing Page

Marketing | posted on December 13, 2016

When creating an Adwords campaign it is important to have a specific landing page for your ad. With text ads, you can have multiple ad groups and specials running at once. So, what makes a good landing page?

First, while setting up your campaign, it is important to create the goals you’re wanting to accomplish; consider your market’s location, interests and what they’re specifically searching for. Once you have your goals set and research complete, it is time to get started on your landing page.

A bare landing page can result in fewer conversions, low quality scores and more. With that in mind, a landing page shouldn’t be overwhelmed with hoops your potential customers have to jump through. This will lead to less conversions, a higher bounce rate and ultimately, an affected AdWords campaign.

Steps to Creating an Effective Landing Page

  • Keep the page clean. Adding too many calls to action can be overwhelming for a potential customer. Make the page easy to navigate and the points of communication clear.
  • Communication. As mentioned in the previous point, make the communication options clear. Make your phone number stand out by having it in a larger font than the rest of the text. For many, contacting a company via e-mail or contact form is more convenient, so ensure you’re including a contact form asking for the phone number, email address and name. Create and utilize a separate contact form instead of an existing one you may already have on your website as a means to track your AdWord form submissions vs. your standard contact form submissions.
  • Repeat your ad or running special. This is to create confidence in you ad, otherwise the ad can be perceived as click bait.
  • Never stop testing. Make minor changes to your landing page, rephrase your calls to action, change your special or contact options. During each campaign and after each adjustment, keep a close eye on your bounce rate and track patterns as to what produces the best conversions.

AdWords is a great tool for creating sales and doing industry target research. A landing page on your website should be non-indexed and only linked within your ads. This way you’re able to track and compare your analytics stats or conversions. As we have discussed in an earlier blog series about first impressions, visual presentation and usability play key roles when creating a landing page that yield high conversions.

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