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Advanced Digital Blog Series, Search Engine Optimization | posted on December 17, 2016

Google Analytics is a platform offered by Google to track and report all of your website’s traffic. After launching in 2005, Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics service for the web on the internet. Webmasters are able to add an asynchronous tracking code to the header of the website; you are able to view all stats in real-time as well as data collected over the period of time the tracking code is added to the website. Additionally, this platform has been integrated with AdWords and Webmaster Tools to allow for seamless tracking of statistics.

Research and Statistics Google Analytics Offers

Google Analytics Goals

Setting up goals allows a webmaster to assign a value to a specific action. For example, a user navigating to a specific page, filling out a contact form or spending a certain amount of time on the website.

Demographics and Interests

In order to enable this feature, the analytics profile should be integrated with Google Webmaster Tools. By enabling this feature you’re able to break down interests of your users. This information is important to the marketing research of a company. Is your website being viewed by the audience you’re looking for?


Breaking down the geography is important to your business’ advertising and marketing plan. It is important to know where your users are visiting from; is the marketing team hitting the right cities? Or maybe there is another city to look into for branching your business out.

Landing Page & User Flow

Do you ever wonder what pages users are navigating to after landing on a specific page? Google Analytics doesn’t limit the tracking information for how users are navigating your website. By evaluating your top landing pages, you can add calls to action to make a conversion, or make changes to ensure users stay on your website.

Keyword Queries

This feature also require Webmaster Tools integration. An important aspect of search engine optimization is keyword research. With the queries (Acquisition > Search Console > Queries) you’re able to view the phrases users are searching to find your website amongst the search results.

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Google Analytics is used on thousands of websites across the web. With easy access to stats, you’re able to evaluate, edit and test the performance of the pages and research the users navigating the pages.

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