Why You Shouldn’t Expect Organic Search Results With Wix

Responsive Web Design, Search Engine Optimization | posted on November 7, 2016

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the the method of getting a website ranked organically in search engine results. There are key elements that go on-page and off-page SEO, including link building, page titles and descriptions, image file names, alt tags, link title tags and more. It seems easy enough, however, when using website builders such as Wix, you may run into more issues than expected.

SEO Methods and Wix

wix do it yourself website builderAs mentioned in our article “The Do’s and Don’ts of Images“, image titles and alt tags are a large element of on-page search engine optimization. Wix will change the image file name to include scrambled numbers, letters and underscores. An alt and title tag are both available for images, however, only the alt tag should be used. The title tag does not carry any weight for SEO and are only visible when someone hovers over an image. The alt tag describes to search engines what your image is. For WordPress or HTML websites, image titles remain the same as when you uploaded them and alt tags and captions are available for optimization; additionally, image titles remain the same as when you uploaded them.

Websites built with this “do-it-yourself” tool are powered by JavaScript (JS), which makes the customization of the coding nearly impossible. However, Google values websites with clean code. Instead of using DIVs and other elements, they are put into the JS of the website, making it messy, jumbled and hard to read.

Furthermore, Wix plans can be expensive, include advertisements, have limited add-ons and mobile usability. Customers are unable to move a website to another hosting provider, so the website would have to be rebuilt.

Wix is not a long term solution for your business’ website. With jumbled coding and lack of optimization methods, organic result rankings will be complicated and take an extended amount of time, resulting in losing potential business.

Appearance isn’t everything for your business’ website and there are other options available. Our team recommends using a content management system, such as WordPress, which offers multiple plug-ins and themes to make your website function just the way you want! With thousands of plug-ins for search engine optimization, photo galleries, shopping carts the options are endless! Give us a call to discuss custom design or one of our responsive templates.

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